Monday, July 28, 2008

Time g0es by...

owh man..i guess tyme is running out..
day by day i feel sad more than eva! can't blieve in just 2 months i'll b out of ere'. am i gonna live my life there..
no family, no bloved kucingss...waaaa....
6 yrs is not a short tyme.. anyting cud hppen during dat tyme..
i cud chnge, my fmily cud chnge, my fwens cud chnge..
mlysia cud chnge, the world cud chnge...n i may not noe bout it since i was so faraway..
well,,,again,,,scrifice has to b made..
no pain, no gain..
gotta to b optimistic..
dunno how long i can hold on to it..
no need to worry hur..
allah is alwys wif u..