Sunday, December 28, 2008

tajdid niat

awal muharram,,
new chapter..
new resolution...

kne tajdid niat blk.,,
dgn ini,, saya,,

Hur Azmi,

di dalam mempelajari bidang perubatan ini,
semuanya kerana Allah S.W.T..

bukan kerana nama,
bukan kerana harta,
bukan kerana dunia,

hanya kerana Allah semata-mata,,
dan apa-apa yg sewaktu dgnnya,,


tiada alasan bagi saya,
untuk tdk brsungguh-sungguh di dalam menghadapi hari-hari selepas ini.

tiada alasan bagi saya,
untuk mengeluh apabila terpaksa menghadapi kesusahan di masa akan datang,


tiada alasan bagi saya untuk berhenti di tengah jalan...


Saturday, December 27, 2008

da bsow da adik ak yg sowg ny..

haih..she's 17. just now..well, not exactly now,,cos now in egypt it is 6.46 pm..
but in mlysia rite now,,she's officially 17.

hoho..da tue..guess another year passed,,another one to come..

got some wishes for u..

b more matured...(lyke evry yr kowt da ckp)
stop snuggling in front of the pc.
go n get a job..(tlg mama nye business muffin lyke wat i used to do, if u think it's boring go find kjew laen)
wake up early la mkcik..
g pasar ngn abah skali-skala.lyke dun mlas la..
stop worying bout ur spm rslts..let bygones b bygones.
g blaja drve.
b more matured again. pnggnti kak hur while i'm not there.

so, to romy,,,a.k.a rommanah azmi,,,


May all your dreams n wshes come true,,insyaAllah..

p/s: sowy,,got no cards this yr..btw,,already dpt hadiah from me rite..huhu =p

Friday, December 26, 2008

lyrics lalala....

Sum of the lyric that gets inside my head for no apparent reasons..most of them r not-so-popular songs,,,or it might be..anyhow,,mybe when the rhythm gets in my head, the lyrcs do the same, though it got nothing to do wif me or my ad..ntah seyes lgu ny sme byk ag.

I cant leave em alone
I tried that good boy game
But the dope boyz turing me on
It's jus that he know what I want
So bad, I love that, I cant leave em alone
Can't Leave Him Alone, Ciara

How can I let you leave this way?
Without you I'm not at all
And I see things now in these memories
Just to see you... again

Without You, Busted

Baby, it's fact our love is true
The way black is black and blue is just blue
My love is true, it's a matter of fact
Oh and you love me too, it's as simple as that

Baby, It's Fact, Hellogoodbye

I woke up this morning
And played our song
And through my tears I sang along
I picked up the phone and then
Put it down
Cause I know I'm wasting my time
And I don't mind

Goodbye, Miley Cyrus

A lonely road, crossed another cold state line
Miles away from those I love
Purpose hard to find
While I recall all the words you spoke to me
Can't help but wish that I was there
Back where I'd love to be, oh yeah

Dear God, Avenged Sevenfold

And I've paid all my dues for what i've done
And I showed you that I love you more than once
Theres nothing left there to decide
Ooh Trick me I won't let your trick me twice

Trick Me, Kelis

I don't want this moment
To ever end
Where everything's nothing, without you
I'd wait here forever just to,
To see you smile
'Cause it's true
I am nothing without you

With me, Sum 41

I think I found a flower in a field of weeds,
I think I found a flower in a field of weeds.
Searching until my hands bleed,
This flower don't belong to me.Why can't she belong to me?

Surrender, Billy Talent

Got stains on my t-shirt and I'm the biggest flirt
Right now I'm solo, but that will be changing eventually, oh
Got bruises on my heart and sometimes I get dark
If you want my auto, want my autobiography
Baby, just ask me

Autobiography, Ashlee Simpson

Maybe if my heart stops beating
It won't hurt this much
And never will I have to answer
Again to anyone

Never Let This Go, Paramore

you were young and i was scared
you're wise beyond your years, but i don't care
and i can feel your heart beat
you know exactly where to take me

Seventeen Forever, Metro Station

I was your anger,
And you were my fear.
Now that it’s over
Of course it’s so clear.
But you were no angel
And I was no sin.
Somehow I can’t let it go.
I can’t let it go.

Can't Let It Go, Goo Goo Dolls

You're all I hoped I'd find
In every single way
And everything I could give
Is everything you couldn't take
Cause nothing feels like home, you're a thousand miles away
And the hardest part of living
Is just taking breaths to stay

Miserable At Best, Mayday Parade

I'm longing, for words to describe how I'm feeling
I'm feeling inspired
My world just flip turned upside down
It turns around, say what's that sound
It's my heart beat, it's getting much louder
My heart beat, is stronger than ever
I'm feeling alive, I'm so feeling alive

A Twist In My Story, Secondhand Serenade

What I’m trying to say is that
I’m feeling a change and
I’ll let it take all over
If you need time away
I won’t ask you to stay
But I don’t want to lose you

Feelings Show, Colbie Caillat

I wish that I could start again
Peel the past like sunburned skin
Right off of me
But it's not that easy
I don't wanna say goodbye
And I don't wanna make you cry
I just wanna see you smile again
'cause everything I used to be
Is waiting over there for me
This is a beginning not an end

Meet Me In California, Plain White T's

I'm sorry, but I'm just thinking of the right words to say.
I know they don't sound the way I planned them to be.
But if you wait around a while, I'll make you fall for me,
I promise, I promise you I will...

The Promise, New Found Glory

looking into your eyes
i see all i want to be
and i don't want it to end
if i could only put to words the way
i see you
i only know i had an angel with me now

Your My Angel, Plus 44

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

da stat da...

musim sejuk sudah brmula...lyke the real one...
ini blom peak ag..
wlupon xde snow,, which is a gud thng..sbb ni pon da sjuk..
pdahal x cecah 0 dgree pon..
haih,,saya mmg mengada..
nway, td g pki bubble..
mlm td da pki da, tyme bli ice cream,,,
hoho..sjuk2 mkn ice cream..agk bst r..
ad 2 minah yg mlayan...thnks ili+iez...
i scream for an ice cream ble tense..
coklat pon da brbungkus-bungkus abs...
gm0k?? i dun giv a long as im satisfied..haha..
nway,,pki belon tu kn,, kuar bilik je owg da stat ckp..
'baek2 ea...belon jgn trbang'...
haha..malu glew..smpi kat u..dlm dwn kuliyah tros bkk..
crius nmpk gmok..
tp lg baek nmpk gmok dr mati ksejukan rite..huhu..
tgk la klu esok nk pki ag ke x..klu gmok pon ap slhnye...
like ad owg care if i'm gm0k o not..
so,, tomorrow biochem's quiz,,sat plak ad pharma midtrm,,again...
fight oh, OH!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


woke up last week,
ttbe tv arab ny bukak lgu built to last-melee.doi..
tringt kt mktb dlu!! waaaa..glew2 rndu my old lyfe..
it's alrdy a year snce i was so called high skool stdent..
hate to admit it, wish i 'm a high skool stdent rite now.
missing evry sngle thing bout it.
every pieces.

dis is amy
facts bout her
  • the only one who saw me crying (as in glew2 nangis)
  • luf chocolates (sape yg x?)
  • swims gracefully
  • saves my lyfe once - almost drown kt muo ny swmmng pool =(
  • rlly undrstands me
  • drives cm owg glew @ tyme
  • tinggin cm galah (popai)
  • non malay, but muslim though
  • ego, a bit lyke me.(tu yg slalu gado tuh.huhu)
  • daring glew

dis is aina
facts bout her
  • her favourte word is 'gm0k!'
  • luvs to eat
  • blur.klu owg sme da abs cter, bru dy tny,, 'kowg ckp psl ap ny?' huhu
  • ske picit tgn owg ble ngah gram (saya mangsa)
  • glew kucings
  • ske nangis.haha.
  • sgt pndai
  • trkluar dr ssc club.xtaw skang nk join blk ke ap.
  • teach me to b addctd to nstum baby
  • kreatif nk mati
  • ske tulis essay jiwang

dis is aisya
facts bout her

  • six senses
  • youngest (1991), but plg matured,,ske bebel cm mak owg
  • minah klate
  • suara sdap glew...lunak.
  • ske bollywood
  • blikny ialah cntre of all gossips kt mktab
  • byk ckp
  • syg gilew kt her lil sis, fina
  • presiden ssc.haha.
  • friendly glew.leh msuk ngn smeowg

dis are afiq + acap
facts bout them

  • president sc2
  • also known as frogie
  • stil single..haha (anyone??)
  • seram oww tyme dy marah, sbb dy senyap je ble marah (takot nk tego)
  • bajet hebat
  • duk kt bngsar (dy sgt bngga dgn area tuh)
  • terer masak huhu
  • ske tshrt kaler pink
  • engineering, uniten
  • actve myspace.haha.
  • ketua biro kesenian,kebudayaan dan rekreasi ( boss bsr ku)
  • geng aisya, dak kcik
  • suka jatuh
  • pnipoo
  • taken. huhu
  • engineering, monash u
  • suka sengih
  • pnah x lpas msuk wayang 18 taun ke ats.haha.
  • terer shuffle (liquid,,,,lalala)
  • duk kt kramat

dis is waney
facts bout her
  • ex roomate f24
  • stelah mp3 creative bngong ku rosak, mp3 ny jd mngse
  • beriya-ya nk stdy kt ovrc tym spm dlu
  • skng kt mansura
  • pnh rcmmend abgny kpd ku (pe cer skng wany..hahaha)
  • kte nk dtg alex, tp blom ad rzki ag
  • x nk tman hur blk mlysia nxt yr.. =(
  • ske sakit (jaga dri leklok)
  • syg glew bntal nightmre b4 xmas, hadiah from myra
  • drive cm owg glew gak

dis is harith
facts bout him

  • a total loser!
  • bjet terer maen guitar
  • great tste in music
  • pkcik jual tshrt
  • geng aisya+acap,dak kcik
  • ex-casanova?? huhu
  • kadang kala brtndak dgn tidak waras
  • hangout je kje
  • ex prs (cm x cye.haha)
  • dak sr
owg2 len yg saya rindu gak

the whole sc2.

atf crew
sume dak2 atf yg ske bikin kecoh.
rndu oww zaman kgemilangn kita,haha.

dak2 sr

trutamanya niza.huhu.tgk cter emo kt ds,,smpi nangis2.xleh bla.sib bek kte 2 owg je kt ds tu.
ckgu noer yg comel.
thanks a lot!

mmbe2 saujana.

sape kate ak da lpekn kowg. ak rndu k te oll days.

n for sure my family duh...haha..
luf u guys so mch..

ble nk blk mlysia ny??

Friday, December 12, 2008

if i were a boy

nk wat confession r.
the truth is,
ak btol2,
dr kecik ag,
ak nk jd laki..
ak tau bukan ak sowg jew
mst ramai ag cmtu an?

  • leh kuar malam tnp kerisauan ibu dan ayah
  • leh pki pape pon, auratny x mcm pompoanny
  • klu pki sempoi pon owg stil ckp hensem
  • leh maen pape games/sports pon
  • xyah bertapak kt dapur jew
  • sng bergaul
  • x malu
  • mkn la byk mne pon owg xkn ckp dak ny x sopan kew etc.
  • x yah sikat rambut yg pnjang
  • xyah gosok tudung klu nk kuar
  • leh smayang kt mne2 pon, x yah bwk telekung
  • tinggi
  • kuat
  • leh berfoya-foya ngn rmi pompoan
  • ego tnggi tp owg x kesa
  • klu break ngn gf, xde prasaan pon (leh crk yg laen an?)
  • klu mke gelap, stil owg ckp ensem.
  • owg akn dgr ckp kte, ye r klu pompoan ny opinion, owg x amik port sgt
  • ap ag ek? hrmm...
  • ad byk ag,,tp otak da blank.
but then, as i grow older,,lyke more matured i noe,,sbnrny jadi laki xde r bst sgt pon.
mcm bila da besar t laki ny ad byk glew rsponsibilities..
towards parents
(klu pompoan hny prlu fokus pd suami dan ank2 jew, tp xde r smpi abaikn parents ngn siblings, is just dat priorities dy kt hubby+chldren)
pstu kne kje kuat2
nk spport fmily
klu pompoan mlas keje pon xpe
dok umah, jd houswife yg brjaye
but not me la.
i want to b a doktor+suri rumah yg brjaya.
pstu kne layan bini nye karenah
mcm bini ny kn nk mcm2
so duit mst r kne byk
bukan mata duitan but
it's a necessities.huhu.

so, in the nutshell, gals ke boys ke sme jew..
lagi2 nowdays ny, mmg jurang prbezaan dy sgt sket
tnggungjwab laki+pompoan pon sme jew.
da xde double stndard cm dlu.
so, alwys brsyukur 4 wat we are.

p/s: saya x memuji kaum laki k.dyowg ad byk pros, tp cons pon byk gak. gals tetap hebat.proud to b one.huhu
tp xpuas ati tol kt owg yg ckp ak mcm laki tuh.

irna dan adik lelakinya.

BoBoY PoWeR: dah ak ngantok
BoBoY PoWeR: bai
BoBoY PoWeR: puteri da tido =_=
BoBoY PoWeR: princess la katekan =_=
Irna: =.="
Irna: -.-"
Irna: haiz
Irna: bluek
Irna: nnt aku ltk nama aku
Irna: yg berbahgia lady princess irna nur syafinaz
Irna: sedap
BoBoY PoWeR: =_=
BoBoY PoWeR: mase aku skola tadika dlu
BoBoY PoWeR: cekgu aku ade cite aw
BoBoY PoWeR: ade seko anak ayam neh
Irna: apa
BoBoY PoWeR: die kaye tau
BoBoY PoWeR: pstu die g la satu tmpat neh
Irna: patu2
BoBoY PoWeR: tmpat tu sume itik2 yg hodo lg bodo nubsyiet
BoBoY PoWeR: =_=
BoBoY PoWeR: pstu itik tu tanye la
Irna: mancarut je reti
BoBoY PoWeR: hey awk awk.!
BoBoY PoWeR: sape name awk?
BoBoY PoWeR: ler
BoBoY PoWeR: cekgu ak yg ckp
BoBoY PoWeR: ak ckp la balek =_=
Irna: -.-"
Irna: troskan
BoBoY PoWeR: pstu ayam tu ckp
BoBoY PoWeR: ma nem is..
BoBoY PoWeR: ape tah
BoBoY PoWeR: tp panjang la enn
Irna: aku nk bg nama bleh
Irna: =.="
BoBoY PoWeR: pstu org pon sume sebot la name die dr a smpai z
BoBoY PoWeR: bg la
BoBoY PoWeR: asalkan pnjang =_=
Irna: encik muhammad dorothy ayam ciken yg jahat lg kejam sbb perampas dan suke mkn ubi kentang berlada 13 poin 6
BoBoY PoWeR: haaa
BoBoY PoWeR: salah
BoBoY PoWeR: tp name die cmni
BoBoY PoWeR: putera anak ayam yang hensem lagi pandai bijak sana sini tinggi menawan lagi hensem balek smule dab pandai pandai pandai smart
Irna: pnjngnya
BoBoY PoWeR: tu name die tau
BoBoY PoWeR: aa
BoBoY PoWeR: tu laa
BoBoY PoWeR: pnjang kan?
BoBoY PoWeR: =_=
BoBoY PoWeR: pstu
BoBoY PoWeR: org pon panggel la die name tu tau
BoBoY PoWeR: sape pnggil name pndek die
BoBoY PoWeR: die marah
BoBoY PoWeR: die akan tak layan seumo idop
BoBoY PoWeR: ( die la ckp. )
BoBoY PoWeR: pstu satu ari tu kann
BoBoY PoWeR: ade ular
BoBoY PoWeR: nak mamam dia
BoBoY PoWeR: pstu ula tu da dkat ngan die enn
BoBoY PoWeR: pstu ade itik tu pnggil la name die panjang
BoBoY PoWeR: itik tu nak ckp ni : eyyh, putera anak ayam yang hensem lagi pandai bijak sana sini tinggi menawan lagi hensem balek smule dab pandai pandai pandai smart !! blakang u ada ula.. eww.
Irna: =.="
BoBoY PoWeR: tak smpat sebut
BoBoY PoWeR: da kne mamam
BoBoY PoWeR: ayokk O_O
BoBoY PoWeR: bek jgn name pnjang2
Irna: =.="
BoBoY PoWeR: nnt ko nak kne makan
BoBoY PoWeR: org ssh sebot name ko
BoBoY PoWeR: mati sie2
BoBoY PoWeR: bagai memukul tin kosong
Irna: -.-"
Irna: da pndai da
BoBoY PoWeR:
Irna: yela timekasih bg bedtime stori

wish i haf a lil bro..nmpk cm bst jew,,,haha.

Monday, December 8, 2008


sewaktu saya sedang bosan di raya haji ini, areqa dtg ke bilik saya. maka kami pun berbual-bual lah tentang isu semasa. sambil itu, kami menereko sebuah page profile di friendster. tiba-tiba, rakan kami, menegur kami di ym saya...

ikutilah perbualan di bawah;

Adiba: ak bru abes tgk bloody mon
hUr: haha
hUr: cm iez da
Adiba: best gler..
Adiba: ko kne tgk la..
Adibai: smart dowh.
hUr: haha
hUr: ok2
hUr: ble ak ad mse
hUr: skang ny bz
Adiba: huhu wat omewrk ke?
hUr: homewek la sgt
Adiba: abs tu?
hUr: usyar page owg
hUr: hahahahaahha
Adiba Arjunaidi: ohoho
Adiba Arjunaidi: spe yg kne tu..
Adiba Arjunaidi: huhu
hUr: kne ap?
hUr: ap dibab ny
hUr: mrepek r ko ny
hUr: bru bgun ea?
Adiba: pge tu la..
Adiba: ak x ngarut la..

Entah mengapa, pada malam ini, perangai rakan kami ini pelik sekali. (tapi dy mmg plik pon.huhu)

hUr: http://www.friendom/p#pic=5hotos5ster.c93119914244/825238861640/1/12383765849
hUr: bukak link ny
hUr: baek pny
hUr: haha
Adiba: gmba scary ke?
hUr: haha
Adiba Arjunaidi: ko jgn,..
hUr: lbey kuwg r
hUr: bkak je la
Adiba: ckp le...
hUr: pnakot
hUr: ak pon brani
Adiba: kang tcampak laptopni
hUr: mati r
Adiba: ak x ske tgk kekejaman org ko taw
hUr: laptop ko yg trcampak
hUr: asl ko mrepek ny?
hUr: xdepape la
hUr: bkak je la
hUr: ajk in skali klu takot
hUr: hahaha

Beliau mula merasa takut. Bulu romanya berdiri...

Adiba: asal gamba 3 eko ni yg kuar..
Adiba: ???
hUr: ha?
hUr: 3 ekor?
hUr: ap nY?
Adiba: ade A
Adiba: B ngan C

Kenyataanya, tiada apa-apa yg saya ingin tunjukkan kepada beliau. kami hanya melihat gambar di profil orang. tetapi, dia berkeras juga ingin mengetahui apa yang kami sedang lakukan..jadi, kami yang kebosanan ini, mengambil peluang untuk melayan sahaja kehendak beliau..

hUr: scary kan
hUr: takot ak tgk
Adiba: ???
Adiba: nw ko yg nagrut
Adiba: ngaruut*
hUr: ap yg ngarut ny?
hUr: spe yg ngarut?
hUr: ngarut tu ap?
hUr: asl ngn ko mlm ny?
hUr: ko sehat ke x?

Tiada apa-apa di gambar itu sebenarnya, tetapi beliau sangat bersemangat untuk mencari sesuatu yang aneh di gambar tersebut. Kami hanya melayan beliau...

Adiba: ape yg scary nye ngan gamba 3 eko ni...
hUr: cbe ko tgk btol2
hUr: kt celah2
Adiba: anta blk..
Adiba: ak da pdm
hUr: jap
hUr: http://www.friph82endster.1998com/86otos/1640/1/371527361368123658#pic=54593
Adiba Arjunaidi: mne botolnye..
hUr: botol?
Adiba: ko kte kat celah botol
hUr: mne ad botol
hUr: ak ckp
hUr: btol2
hUr: betul2
hUr: eeeee
hUr: asl ngn ko ny
Adiba: clah mane?
hUr: in tolong diba
hUr: kt celah2 diowg
Adiba: in tido...
hUr: cbe tgk BETUL2
hUr: habs r ko
Adiba: mne ade ape..
hUr: ko sowg je ea?
hUr: cbe zoom..
hUr: dkat sket ea
hUr: ko kne tgk BETUL2
Adiba: celah antara spe..
Adiba: ckp je ak try carik
hUr: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
hUr: pnat la ckp ngn ko
hUr: crk je r
hUr: klu ak ckp
hUr: x bst r

Tiba-tiba beliau berjaya mengenal pasti sesuatu yang sangat aneh..

Adiba: antara A ngan B tu ke..

seperti biasa kami hanya melayan...

hUr: aah
hUr: kt badan B
Adiba: tp kecik sgt la..
Adiba: x rse pape pun..
hUr: ap yg kcik diba?
hUr: rse ap?
Adiba: owh..
Adiba: tgn A ke...
Adiba: ak nmpk bnde len..
hUr: ko nmpk ap?
Adiba: kat leher B ade kepala lembaga cam pkai tudung
Adiba: kecik je
Adiba: kat blakang B..

Kami dah mula takut apabila beliau benar-benar mendapati sesuatu yang aneh.

hUr: eh
hUr: btol ke?
Adiba: korg x prasan kot..
hUr: pki tudung?
Adiba: ala..
hUr: bkn free hair kew?
Adiba: cam lembaga bertutup serba itam
Adiba: byg je kowt..
Adiba: xde papelah..
hUr: hahaha
hUr: mmg la xder pape
hUr: spe yg ckp ad pape?
Adiba Arjunaidi: ignore je la ye,..
hUr: hahaha
Adiba: ala tgn tu kes kecik jewr
Adiba: ak leh wat kat ko

Kami berpura-pura macam kami yang takot nak mati.

hUr: eh jgn lah (dgn nada yg takut)
hUr: ak takut ny( dgn nada yg sgt takut)
Adiba: da...
Adiba: ak nk bce komik..
Adiba: lg best..
hUr: eh
hUr: jgn tnggalkn ak (sgt takut ny)
Adiba: ala...
hUr: iez da r tido (trlalu takot)
Adiba: iz kn ade...
hUr: wah
Adiba: berdua dah le..
hUr: ko sgt brani
hUr: cmne nk jd cm ko r?
Adiba: brani gell la kan..
hUr: crius r
hUr: cmne ny
hUr: ak da r pnakot (DGN NADA TAKUT GLEW)
Adiba: iz nye mne?
hUr: dy tido (da nk nangis ny)
Adiba: tolong ar..
Adiba: jgn pnakut..
Adiba: ak sruh dementor dtg bru taw
hUr: da r
hUr: harry poter la plak
hUr: g r bce komik
Adiba: ko la kaco..
Adiba: x tenteram idup ak..
Adiba: =.="

crius,,,,minah ny plik.ahahaha.....


who's he?
matsumoto jun

how i noe him?
in's gokusen, iez's hana yori dango

why i write about him?
cos he captures my attntion

how does he captures your attention?
bcause he's:

hot tmpered
blagak macho
blagak hbat
ske blasah owg for no reason
dunno how to xpress his feelings
minding his own bssines

u lyke him?
hrmmm..not really

u dun lyke him?
haha.not really.

he's perfect.xcpt dat his face is jambu.
x lyan da trpngaruh ngn minah2 j-addcts.doi.