Friday, October 30, 2009

most handsome?

Most handsome Saudi man.. the grandson of king Faisal

((Hrithik Roshan ))

Most handsome Indian man…. actor

Imran A

Most Handsome Pakistany man…. actor


Most handome Turkish man… singer

(( Fa

Most handsome Em
eriti man


Most handsome employee in Saudi Aramco after 25 years





Haiyaa..i oredi told u maa…5 only…

and i thought mama is trying to give me suggestions on my hubby-to-be.
hahahaha. tension sudah direlease-kan dgn mmbca email mama. :)

owh, and i choose number 1. lalala.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

screw you, i like you.

one block down. another 2 to go.
make it 5 for the whole year.

but yes, i'm kinda like 2nd year more :)

owh, mama. hur still xde trnet.
nak email, but dunno wat to say.
i guess chatting is our best way of communicating.
you know, like 1 to 1.

and our mama kat sini cakap, intrnet akn ad nxt week.
i guess i have to wait n see.

p/s: we're in mcd. dsperate for trnet, seriously got pbl n histo's assignmnts. haihh.

roger and out,
missing you always,
hur azmi. :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

4 kg

back to egypt.
back to books
back to medic

and deeeep down, i'm kind of excited.
but seriously, i don't want to leave malaysia.
it's not really malaysia itself.
but the ones i love.

and yes. new sem. new resolutions
got this whole loads of pep talks with mama.
i really need to change.

mama, also realise my changes when i came back from egypt.
she said things like,
my eyes don't shine as they used to be,
my eyebags are pretty obvoius,
keguguran rambut ( dy ckp ni blum branak lagi)
and she really don't like my haircut ( haha, it's trendy wat. and i told her, ntah bape byk rmbut kwn2 yg hur da potong macam style hur) :P
my resdung was really terok, that she really ban me from udang and stuffs.
and my skin turns dry. which lotion mmg ad pki. but my skin mmg sensitive. bak kata sum dermatolgist yg i used to see
then she asked me things like,
"hur x makan sayur ke?"
"hur mkn vitamin ke x?"
"hur mkn byk minyak ke?"
"minum air sket ea?"
i was like. x. no. never.sme hur makan. haha.(ad la kdg2 ter-skip. :P)

when she sees me like dat, she started to question things like,
" u don't enjoy your course ke?"
and i said " no ma, there's nothing else i want to do excpt for stdying medic n be a doc. klu hur x stdy medic, i wud haf just stay at home and wait somekind of prince charming to minang me. and i don't think dat is going to happen"
" then, things are hard ke kt sne? those arabs are giving you a hard time ke? u're frens ke?"
and i was like. x kot. i'm happy je. i think.

then i realised that, all this time, i don't see my chnges. i think i really did stressed out. but, i never know dat. haha. but mama knows it all.

so, i thought, this new sem, i dunno wat i'm going to do. but i guess if i take care of my health, i think, i'll be happier. esp my cold and flu, which never stops. rse cm nk cabut hidung pon ad.

owh, and yes. blk mlysia ni, i put on weight. lotsa. haha. 4 kg kot. dlm mse 2 bln lebih. pecah rekod. this time, i really don't control it kot. ye la. i mean, i really love the gulai, and rendang, and sambal and all those msakan kg. and egypt, nasi dy x cm mlysia, it's not pedas, not savoury food. pasta, pizza, burgers- i don't like it much. tu psl kot owg ckp ak kurus ble bru balik aritu. tp blk egypt t, haha. gemuk kot. but nvm. if i put on weight, meaning that i'm happy. very much.

and everyday, abah blik keje, he will ask me to run on the treadmill. and i was like,, "malasnye, busan la bah nek treadmill, tgk dinding je" haha.

and abah ckp, " hur btol2 bdan da nek ni"
and i was like. " x pe. puasa 6 :P"

once i'm in egypt, i won't eat like dat anymore la. haha. no. seriously. :P