Thursday, March 14, 2013


“The love that defies, the love for two older strangers who came from afar and will already have left tomorrow for a path she would also like to walk. Love prefers adventure.”
-The three forms of love (Eros)

Day 73

Monday, March 4, 2013

Fly Fwen, Fly!

A friend of mine, named Fwen *bukan nama sebenar*, told me how Fwen really wanted to fly during Fwen's childhood days. Fwen really thought of jumping down a cliff and see whether Fwen can really fly or not.

 No. Fwen is not one of the Wright's brothers or sisters.

Today, as I walked in the middle of a busy Cairo's street, After we drank asir that tasted so sweet that I pray it wont cost me diabetes especially since diabetes runs strongly in my family line. Most of us picked asir sobia bifaraullah. 

Oh, where was I just now? Ah yes. Walking down the street, busy road.
I saw a flock of birds flying around as I gaze up the sky. They have this peculiar habit of flying around in circle over & over again. I really wish someone comes up with a scientific explaination for this. For I might then understand why I like to go around in circle too.

One thing I'd never told Fwen is that I know why Fwen wanted to fly like a bird so much. It is so that Fwen can just fly away from somewhere or from something or from someone whenever Fwen feels like to do so, without having to give any explaination at all. For Fwen is a bird. And a bird job is to fly.

First Day, 4th March '13,
Abasiyyah Malaysian Building,
Cairo, Egypt.

Di Mana Bumi Dipijak, Di Situ, tidak semestinya, Hati itu Ada

I've been dormant for awhile. It was a period of abstinence of which I always like to describe.

So here I am, by the end of my 9th Semester out of 12 semester. Just finished my final exam.

Just drained out of all the medical related things after I vomited it all yesterday, on my final paper. Though I do pray it embedded in my mind for the rest of my life.

Just drained out of emotion too, for one by one of my friends went to their respective destinations. It hurts. When you were left all alone. You woke up, with no one beside you. No sound of early morning random laughing. No screaming to each other. No one to solat jemaah with. It just sad. Oh well. It's life. Or, it could be hormonal.

My plan? Well, I'm not very much a planner. After quite some times, I've changed I guess. That doesn't mean I do have a complete plan. I guess, I just love to deny. Or am deeply confused. Most of the times.

Packed my bags, which I've never really packed this much before. I was always a light traveler. But this time, I thought, "Hey, why don't I unleash the feminine side of mine". And plonked everything I own inside a bag, including all the socks that I own, all the lotions, creams, shampoo and an iron, which is hello a very essential traveling item which a typical lady needs. Wow, I've never did this. A new lady achievement, well done!

Thought of bringing all the new novels that I haven't read. But then, a typical lady, won't bring lots of books. That's what a typical nerd do. I guess two will do. Not so much of a nerd.

Plus I would very much want to interact more with the locals, rather than drown myself inside all the fantasies which I found very unhealthy just recently. *Aha, don't want to make it sound sarcastic*

Anywho, Hello World! I hope you do be nice to me. For, I may have forgotten the basic interaction with the homosapiens ever since I was in my cave for the past few months.

Quran 6:11, “Say, Travel in the earth”
On which we establish the knowledge resulting from traveling in an art called “Travel writing”.  Muslims were interested in such art and traveled the earth.  ”Say, Travel in the earth.”

P/S: Jangan lupa to solat sunat musafir. Rugi tak buat. Doa makbul, in syaa Allah. Pray for me too :)