Sunday, November 30, 2008


chatted wif zarwah, my cuz aritu,,

zarwah mohd: hey kak hur
ah mohd: what's up?
zarwah m
ohd: how's it coming there?
hUr: things r fine here
hUr: mkin sjukkk
zarwah mohd: awesome
zarwah mohd: is it a blizzard or what?
hUr: no la
hUr: it's not even snowing here
hUr: it's just dat dy brangin
hUr: huhu

ain't it funny,,when i told ppl dat cny da stat sjuk,, all of em wil think of snow,,ahaha,,
i wish.....huhu.

zarwah mohd: anyway kak hur tggl alone ke ataupun ade roomate?
hUr: i haf rumates
hUr: we're living in this bgunan mara
hUr: nxt yr bru dok umah sndri
zarwah mohd: ramai ke yg live in there?
hUr: but then we share lyke 22 ppl in one level
hUr: it's lyke an apartment la
hUr: so my room haf 4 ppl
zarwah mohd: is that good or bad?
hUr: haha
hUr: dpends la
hUr: there are pros n cons
zarwah mohd: that sounds nasty
zarwah mohd: hehehe
hUr: lyke if u masak u haf to msak for 22 ppl
hUr: we haf schedule
hUr: so i haf to lyke masak once a week forr 22 ppl
hUr: wif my othr 2 fwens la

ttbe msuk bab masak2 lak..ny yg lmah ni..huhuhu

zarwah mohd: oooooo
zarwah mohd: that sounds sweet
zarwah mohd: i love cooking
zarwah mohd: so i don't mind cooking
hUr: then u come n live wif me
hUr: then i dun haf to masak
hUr: sumtymes we run out of recipes
hUr: bosan asik mkn bnde yg sme
hUr: want 2 try sumthing dfference
hUr: haf any sggstiON?
zarwah mohd: falafel
zarwah mohd: good stuff
zarwah mohd: hehe
hUr: hey
hUr: how did u noe bout dat??
hUr: u've been here ea??

ttbe ckp psl falafel plak....

zarwah mohd: NO LAH!!!
zarwah mohd: i had that when i was in uk
hUr: vry popular dat thing kt cny
zarwah mohd: it was nice
zarwah mohd: i never get bord eeating that thing
hUr: huhu
hUr: come here then
zarwah mohd: kak hur
zarwah mohd: if i have wings i'd already be there
zarwah mohd: i don'
hUr: wish i can give u wings
zarwah mohd: ryte
hUr: i wish all of us haf wings
hUr: so i can go bck to mlysia whenever i want

yup..i wish,,,,,

Friday, November 28, 2008

rules to live in alex

dun ever buy shirts from alex's carrefour,,u might end up seeing u're colleague wearing dat same shirt,,on the same day,,,nightmare

if u wear bju kurung in alex, make sure u didn't buy it from Jln TAR,,why??? the same reason as above..

when u cross the road here,, cross wif ur eyes closed,,dun 4get to brzikir at the same tyme,, u wil b guaranteed dat u r alive,,,

if u want to buy winter coat here,,make sure it is black in colour,, so dat evnthough there r others wearing the same coat,,it will not b so obvious,,(blieve me,,here,,evry coat looks the same,,unless u buy it frm sum retail shop)

If there is sum hawt mamat arab asking 4 u're fon num 'hatif kam' ,,dun give it,,tell him u dun undrstand a word he is saying..or make othr xcuses,,jst dun giv it to him,,no matter how hawt he is,,(hawt kew??)
note:' hatif kam?'=meaning wat's ur fon num..?

make sure to change ure usd to genih when usd rate is high..if not rugi byk seyh...

arabs will alwys c us,,malays as indonesians, japanese, chinese,,etc..tell them strctly dat u're a mlysian..proud to b 1..

when u buy topup,,make sure u haf faqah,,(small change)..if not, they wil charge u more,,(not all the tyme though)

dun ever 4got to bring u're winter coat when goin' outside, evnthough u think dat day is quite sunny,,angin kt cny tajam glew..

when u're washing u're clothes, make sure to not mix u're black sweater wif u're peach blouse,,trust me,,u dun want a grey bl0use.

always, always silent u're fon..during lcture or prctcal class..

never, never haf the same ringtone wif u're colleague..u'll regret it later.

if u're planning to open a bank account,,,b prepare mentally, physically, emotionally + spiritually..

dun eva try to scream in public,,esp if u're a girl..aib2..

batotis evryday is bad 4 u're health

asir,,is gud 4 u're health..sadap glew..yum2,,

ermmm,,pe ag ek?? ntah r,,u guys haf any sggstion o pnambahan kew..feel free to add on k..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

smart circle...0r sisters circle??

yup...we haf dis club,,eh x,,organisation..ermm..i dunno wat it is,, but it is call smart's kind lyke usrah but it is not..ermm,,,i prefer to call it a family..yup..we haf our own akaks here..dat's an advntge for me sbb i dun haf an akak..

my sc's,,,minus me,,i was taking dis pic..

nway,,at 1st i had dis feeling dat it is going to b boring..u noe lyke aftr mrsm i thought i won't haf to b brainwash n bla bla bla nymore..i was totally's crtaintly lyke a family..xcpt dat we dun haf boys in it..yay! for sum of n it cud b a N0!! for sum of us gak..but either way..i rlly luf this sc thingy..we haf lyke meeting evrywik..those akaks wil bring caramel,, puding jagung,, chocolate,,(those things dat i rlly looking 4ward to evry wik)..haha..but dat just not it,,b4 we start our meeting,, we haf to recite verses from's lyke a tadarus but it is just for a few mnutes...n then we haf dscssion on a lot of things....lyke stdy...(lagi),,how to srvive here,,,

c how iez mlantak...lalala...huhu..we sppose to share dat 1 big plate,,tp dis gal x habis,, so we end up habiskn dy pnye technically,,hur dan iez mkan spinggan sowg..hebat x??

wat's the new updates of nything,,,if we got any probs we try t solve it,,n we got to noe each othr btter..n wad i lyke most is when we g0 out together..ramai2..huhu...

lyke aritu,,akak iman+kak tikah brought us to dis restaurant,,wat is it called r,,,ermm ya halla,,?? sumthing lyke dat..n i rlly haf fun..bcos it involves food u c..haha..but dat jst not it...i rlly find out that dis akaks r rlly2 nice n sweet...criusly lyke,,we dun haf anyone here xcpt for each othr,,n sum how,, they rlly make me feel btter...n they r not judgemental at all..they accpt jst the way we are,,n each tyme remind us to b btter,, but not forcing us to do other words,, they let us think,,b4 we do sumthing..i dunno la for the othr gals,,but my sc rawks!..

dis is just the beginning,,we are planning to go to othr places,, n do lots +lots of things,,,may dis ukhwah lasts not just here,,,but till death do us part,,n way beyond dat,,in akhirat too..insyaAllah..

huhu...iez,,my rumate,,same sc wif me,,,thank g0d,,,huhu,,we rlly ate a lott dat nyte..nasi dy sgt sdap...(sbb da lme x jmpe nasi.. :p)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

saya suke pantai alex!!!

haha..ari sabtu yg lepas,,
slepas abs exam anat,,,
xde lcture..huhu..
maka kami,,
rlese tnsion d pnti...
dibawa oleh areqa n me of cos...

areqa sgt brsmangt,,
jln agk jauh,,xde r jauh sgt,,
smpi library jew,,smate-mate nk jln kt pasir,, sbb b4 this,,
kte asik dok kt tmbok jew,,x pnh jmpe psir pnti..
stelah beli burger gad,,as usual,,
ktowg mkn kt pnti,
haha,,sgt klakar sbb kne pnjt pagar kt rstoran tu,.
no one is looking k,, sbb aib,haha,,

pastu bru ktowg find out yg sbnrny pagar kt ctu x kunci,,sabo je r..
pstu ktowg jln kt library lak,,jmpe owg vietnam yg lme mnetap kt u.s,

diowg tourists,,yg klakarny,,
all of us rse cm superstar sbb diowg sme nk tngkp gmba ngn ktowg,,

well,,i guess diowg cannot resist us.haha,,rlly haf fun!!

let's do it another tym t k,,,ble ad tyme..haha..

mamawww...hu3.... :p

get over it u guys!!

lately,,rmi jiwa kcau,,,
well there are so mny reasons bhind it,,,
sum of us r strggling to excel in xam,,(i thnk most of us are)...
some just missing things s00 mch,,
while some still duno why dyowg jiwa kcau,,
sum got irregular hormones (stndrd pompoan r)...
n sum ad sket probs in their rlationship n watsoeva...

kt cny i just want 2 say...get over it u guys...ahaha...
cos when u're not happy, i'm not..
to those who bru end up rltionship wif sum1 kew, haf probs kew,,,watever r,,,cheer up...
come on,,just move on,,,,ktowg kan ad...
i mean,,,mmg r kte syg,,, i mean bkn kte,,,those yg brkaitan r,
syg tu mmg r,, but then,, if he did dis to u,, why waste tyme hoping for things dat we noe there will nver b a hppy ending to dat..
eh,, cop2,,,he didn't even try to make a hppy ending..
criusly why wste tyme....

to gals out there,,,kte mude skali jew,,,njoy while it lasts,,
x yah r ssh nk pning kpale ngn mslah yg x brkaitan,,,
lonely??haha..tu alasan jew...mmbe2 mlmbak,,
buku pon byk x bce an,,,wat pe nk tmbh probs ag rite'..
kurg kasih syg?? way,, luf is evrywhere,,,
whether u dun c it, or u dun want to c it...
bcos rlly,,it's up to u...
mcm lcturer phsiology ckp,,,
there's no such thing as i luf u wif all my heart,,haha
wif all my brain ad..
heart hanya tmpt tok pump blood sje,,
the rest,,sch as our feelings esp dikawal oleh otak..
so,,,follow ur brain,think wise,,
dun follow ur heart..haha..

so,,x yah pk2..ahha..when it's tyme,, it wil come to u naturlly,,lyke wat my mama always tell me,,
xyah crk, it will come 2 u..
for now,, just do our duties as future doctors insyaallah,,
tringt lak ad sowg mmbe ckp tyme chat dlu,,
kwn rmi2 dlu,,pstu ble da tbe mse,,,pilih r satu..ahaha
well,ckp mmg snang,,as if nk tuka mmbe jd lbeh dr mmbe cm sng jew..
haha..kte tgk cmne dy nnt.huhu

papehal pntgkn mmbe dlu k,,,to those yg skang tgh brbhgie..haha..i'm happy for u guys,eh gals,, but still,, galfwens are priorities k!hu3..kesetiaan trletak pd mmbe,,bcos,,fwens dfinitly lasts 4 eva..xde istilah break up or clash ngn mmbe,,,excpt in xtreme cases which are rarely to be found..huhu.

so,,my dear galfwens,,let's haf fun stdying here + living at the same tyme..
kte hepi ssme, jiwa kcau ssme,,stdy ssme,, shopping ssme,,knyang ssme,,g pnti ssme..huhu..
rlly luf u guys eh gals,,,
when u're hepi, i am too,,
when u're not, sdikit sbyk, it will effct me too..
6 years to go, let's make it a blast!


Monday, November 10, 2008

jiwa kacau..

saya tertekan kott

eh x,,

mungkin bosan..

eh x gak..

ermm,, jiwa sgt kacau..

1st exam bru brlalu,,
criusly if i was given a chance i want to do it all over again,,

day by day,, jadual makin pack,,
ini ok ag,,x lme ag jdual akn ag pack..haha

well,,nk sgt amik mdik,,
iguess this is wad i haf to face..

sooner or later,,i'll get use to it..