Saturday, September 25, 2010

In love, I have fallen deeply

dedicated to my lovingly dear parents and sisters. i love you and I've started to miss you already :(

While everyone is having a lovey crush,
I just watch them letting their hearts crushed,
I know, it is nothing but lust,
When it fades, it turns out to be dust.

It is not that i don't believe in love,
I'd live my whole life just for love,
I was made out of love,
I want to die with my love.

It seems the love at this era of time,
The love that they claim to be one of a kind,
Is a love that is not truly divine,
I definitely won't make this kind of love mine.

If love is truly blind,
At times, it makes you out of your mind,
How can a heart that is delicately fine,
Can't figure out between junks and a dime?

Where could true love be?
I see all of them are going after the money,
They cheat, they steal, they kill,
Oh my, where is your sense and sensibility?

Dear Allah, if you can hear me,
Protect my soul from hypocrisy,
Please take care of my dearest family,
Let your peaceful love overpowers me.

If one day, if it's meant to be,
That I'll be having my own family,
Please find me a loyal and kind hubby,
Who not only falls for my eyes romantically,
But he, who gives his heart and soul purely,
To You, O Allah, the One with mercy.

We will build our life with love and serenity,
To bring up our children happily,
To teach them honesty and sincerity,
Give them education and halal food that is healthy,
For home is the beginning of charity.

What is more important, is to teach them love,
A love that will last eternally,
A pure sincere love to you, dear Allah,
Just like what my parents had taught me.

InsyaAllah. Amin.