Friday, May 29, 2009

he caught my attention.

penat bce buku. byk gile muscle la, nerve la. ape la..
jadi, saya berehat seketika.
dan nadiah izzati telah memberi cadangan sebuah video sgt bagus...
and seriously, semua keresehan di jiwa, hilang begitu saja..
he is sooo great. 10 years learning bahasa melayu, kelate plak tu..that's amazing...
and he is cute :)
hrmmm,, agaknye,, i need 10 years to really master arabic? hrmmm..i wonder..

owh, kami sudah jumpa rumah!! thanks to furqan and akmal. you guys did helped us a lott!! and of course to my housemates to be.

alhamdulillah, satu masalah dah selesai.

now, all i got to do is focus on the upcoming exam...

and malaysia is waiting for me.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


meet athirah adnan,
my ex schoolmate in saujana form 2+3
my best friend forever.
a nurse- to- be.

yes, you can be my nurse and assistant. InsyaAllah.

owh, and yes thirah,,,
i'm still single and available and invisible.
i'm still the same old Hur,
and will always be.

p/s: dia suroh kim salam kat mamat2 hensem kat sini. jadi, mamat2 hensem di egypt ni, kwn saya athirah adnan kim slm. :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ever wonder

a very touching one :(


I'll always be a contender

Yes, I know my bones are very tender

And by Allah you won't see me surrender

Look at my eyes? You'll see no butterflies

My home is filled with cries... due to all the lost lives

But I swear by Allah I'll never compromise

I'll still throw the stones even with my broken bones

Why can't I hear from you, don't you have any phones?

Ya I forgot, your not on the chase, try it out and put your self in my place

Soon I'll return to my lord , the one that deserves every grace

Oh you don't have to worry cause of me you'll find no trace

It really is to late, why did you wait?

You could have sent me at least one dinner plate

I guess it is my fate

And La Ilaha Illa Allah is my mate.


Scent Of Palastine, Scent Of Jannah. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fahri :)

It was teacher's day a few days ago. So, i wrote a message on miss erma's wall. She taught me EST. The one who discovers my debating skill which turned out not to be very promising since i screwed the whole debate team. a spoiler i am. but let bygones be bygones.

I dare say that she is one of the best teacher that i've ever had. once, she read my essay and she cried. she told me that i wrote from the bottom of my heart. something that i actually really felt.
well, that explains why all my girlfriends asked me to write surat cinta for their respective boyfriends. i even wrote for their mothers on mother's day and for their fathers too. kalau wat business dlu untung gak en..haha.. but seriously, all those sweet words (sweeet ka?) really comes from the bottom of my heart. i don't lie as much as i don't want everyone else to lie to me too.

miss erma's newly born son is soo cute. and his name is Fahri. yes, as in Fahri ayat2 cinta. she told me the meaning of Fahri is "my pride". a very beutiful name indeed.

she loves that novel soo much, or maybe Fahri himself. she said she wants her son to become just like Fahri.

haihhh,,everyone loves Fahri. i mean, he is the best man yet. (after my abah of course) so i told miss erma how i wish that i'll find someone like Fahri.

so, she wrote me a long but yet a very meaningful message on my wall.

i'm sure your fahri exists as i have always believed that my fahri was out there waiting for me and eventually he did find me!

he's out there, i'm sure...i found mine at 28. when i finally found him, i've done everything i wanted as a single girl and i was so ready to settle down.

things'll work if you find e right person @ e right time. Wrong person @ e right time won't work,e right person@ e wrong time'll cause trouble.

So, don't worry and take your time. When in r'ship, you need to put him b4 yourself. If you haven't had enough of single life, then you'll be yearning for freedom forever.

i remember clearly, she used to tell me the story of her quest in searching for Mr Right. How she had a hard time dealing with her ex-boyfriends. It is not that easy i guess. There will always be obstacles if he is not for you. he could be mommy's boy la, immatured la..not serious la,, unfaithful or maybe his parents is the problem. whatever it is, if he' not for you, he will never be. no matter how deeply in love you are with each other. If he is for you, he will eventually be with you, though you're not that in love with him initially.

miss erma did find his "Fahri". An architect. *rawr* haha..lucky her. and yes, she is soo happy right now. happily ever after exists after all.

miss erma & her beloved hubby.

thank you miss erma. thank you so much. semoga berkekalan hingga ke anak cucu.

and about Fahri, i'll let you know if i found my own Fahri. Only Aisha deserves Fahri. To have Fahri, you have to be like Aisha. That is certainly not easy at all. Mama jangan prasaan. You are not the only Aishah here. In your case, Aishah deserves Azmi. haha..

And as for me, i've got a long way to go. Right now, i enjoy having fun with my beloved family and friends.. and struggling with medicine of course. nothing else matters. Just like what miss erma said,

"the right person, at the right time."

Saturday, May 9, 2009

thank you.

Thank you for the love you gave me.

For the bedtime stories you used to tell me

For the homeworks that we did together

The magic of your touch that heals my wound

The sleepless nights you spent taking care of me when i'm sick

How you always check on us at night to make sure we sleep safe and sound

Thank you for spanking me hard on my butt,

For I know I was so lazy to study, and naughty for sure

Thank you for keep on forcing me to read textbooks,

For I only interested in novels and story books

Thank you for always being there for me

For reading my diary accidentally :)

For not giving me too much freedom

At the same time giving me room to grow,

And understand that normal teenager like me tends to rebel at times,

When I only know how to enjoy life 24/7,

How I hate responsibilties,

How I hate hostel so much,

How I complained about all the teachers in the school,

Having problems to make new friends since we move a lot,

I cried everyday while talking to you in the phone,

And hope you come and take me away from all the miseries.

Thank you for not listening to me at that time

For you really know what is best for me

Thank you for visiting me at the hostel almost everyday,

Bringing me homecooked food,

Or sometimes just lepak with me at the school canteen,

With teh tarek of course.

How I really miss those days

How you came and helped me with mathematics which I despised, a lot.

Though home and hostel is just a few miles away,

How you motivates all my friends there,

The whole hostel knew you,

The muffins that you baked for all of us there,

How all of them love you,

And wanting you as their mothers,

How jealous I was,

For you are my only mother,

And no one else can have you except for me and those 3 gemoks. :)

And abah of course.

Thank you for because of you, I did well in my pmr exam.

Because of you, I get to the chance to study in mrsm muar

And met so many great people there,

And learnt so many things that I might not have if I was in a normal day school.

How to live independently,

How to not trust people 100%,

To follow my instincts,

To control my emotions,

It was in Muar that I had so many wonderful friends and teachers

And yes, it is all because of you.

Thank you for the time we spent together,

Could be the best time of my life,

Though I was a nervous wrecked waiting for my results.

How we baked muffins together,

Lepak at different restaurants almost everyday,

From nando's to mcd to mamak to marybrown,

And the days when hospital was our second home,

For mak ji was sick,

And we helped her for we love her so much.

Thank you.

For at that time, I realised that I am not a little girl anymore

That responsibilties are the essence of life

Along with problems and pain.

Yes, I admit, I complained a lot without you knowing that.

How I wish, I was still in school.

How I wish I never grow up.

Yes. It was unrealistic at all.

Thank you for helping me to decide,

How I was so confused,

Uia or Um?

You told me not to listen much to other people,

For once, to choose something because I want to,

Not to only fulfill other people's desires.

You told me that it is not the place that determines our success,

But success depends on our own selves.

It is because of you,

I am right here where I am sitting right now,

Blogging using this free laptop, (abah topup a little bit)

Living comfortably,

While fulfilling my dreams,

Though at times I felt like flying back to where I belong

For reading textbooks is still not my favourite,

It is because of you,

I am trying hard not to follow my emotions too much,

For you always tell me to not give up.

For dreams can be achieved,

If we keep on working hard,

And try again each time we stumble hard,

As long as we never lose our faith to Allah

Thank you for being my mama,

No matter how many words I described,

No matter how many lines I wrote,

No matter how many “thank you”s I put on this post,

The lists went on and on,

Nothing is precious as your love,

And I am going to hold on it for the rest of my life,


Thank you for everything, mama

Happy mother's day.

p/s: i know, my grammar is atrocious. again. but let me publish this post ea mama. credits to areqa gak. love ya dear :)

and yes, this girl inspired me.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Dr Areqa Arsof : hurmurturkurlurdursurwur ~
Dr Hur Azmi : apekah?
Dr Hur Azmi : bila kamu mahu naik
Dr Areqa Arsof : hahhah
Dr Areqa Arsof : kamu sedang buat ape ?
Dr Hur Azmi : saya sedang membaca buku pathology bersama kawan saya yg bernama irna
Dr Areqa Arsof : oh sungguh bagus anda dan rakan anda
Dr Areqa Arsof : ckp tahniah kepada irna
Dr Areqa Arsof : disebab kan irna ade disitu
Dr Areqa Arsof : saya tidak berasa gentar untuk melihat filem seram
Dr Areqa Arsof : kerana ekspresi muka irna yang blur
Dr Areqa Arsof : membuatkan saya berasa gembira semasa menonton nanti
Dr Areqa Arsof : inilah saya berasa semangat untuk menonton
Dr Hur Azmi : bilakah kamu mahu naik dan menonton filem seram bersama kami?
Dr Hur Azmi : iezzaty sedang menunggu mu
Dr Areqa Arsof : em kalau saya datang selepas anda sume bersedia boleh ?
Dr Areqa Arsof : terima ksih
Dr Hur Azmi : saya tidak perlukan irna untuk menonton filem seram
Dr Hur Azmi : sesungguhnya saya sangat berani
Dr Areqa Arsof : mengapakah ?
Dr Areqa Arsof : kamu tidak baik menipu
Dr Areqa Arsof : Allah sentiasa melihat ape yang kamu lakukan
Dr Hur Azmi : saya tidak menipu
Dr Hur Azmi : saya tidak pernah menjerit ketika menonton filem seram
Dr Hur Azmi : tidak seperti kawan2 saya yg laen
Dr Areqa Arsof : saya tahu
Dr Areqa Arsof : itu disebabakan kamu tidak melihat langsung
Dr Areqa Arsof : kamu hanya melihat muka saya aje
Dr Areqa Arsof : dan sibuk bertanya kepada saya
Dr Areqa Arsof : ape yang berlaku selepas ini
Dr Areqa Arsof : huh penat saya
Dr Hur Azmi : saya menonton filem tersebut kerana saya tahu jalan cerita nya lebih dari orang lain
Dr Areqa Arsof : =.=
Dr Areqa Arsof : tapi itu hanyalah rekaan semata mate
Dr Hur Azmi : itu hanya alasan bagi awak yang sedang ketakutan
Dr Hur Azmi : awak takut
Dr Hur Azmi : oleh itu, awak buat2 meng-explainkn cerita tersebut kepada saya
Dr Areqa Arsof : saya mengaku saya takut sikit je
Dr Areqa Arsof : tapi disebabkan ade irna
Dr Areqa Arsof : keberanian saya mengatasi ketakutan saya
Dr Hur Azmi : pembetulan: awak takut BANYAK
Dr Hur Azmi : baiklah
Dr Areqa Arsof : baiklah
Dr Areqa Arsof : kite jumpe nanti
Dr Hur Azmi : malam ini, segala-galanya akan terbongkar
Dr Hur Azmi : baik
Dr Hur Azmi : sila study
Dr Hur Azmi : nanti kita jumpa malam ini
Dr Areqa Arsof : sungguh takut
Dr Areqa Arsof : saya akan hadir tepat pukul 12am
Dr Areqa Arsof : tunggu saya
Dr Areqa Arsof : dan harap buka pintu
Dr Areqa Arsof : dahulu ok ?
Dr Hur Azmi : sesungguhnya saya tidak sabar menunggu saat itu
Dr Hur Azmi : baik
Dr Areqa Arsof : bagus bagus
Dr Areqa Arsof : itu lah yang saya mahukan
Dr Areqa Arsof : ok
Dr Areqa Arsof : terima kasih
Dr Areqa Arsof : selamat membaca
Dr Areqa Arsof : tata ~
Dr Hur Azmi : selamat membaca juga
Dr Hur Azmi : selamat tinggal

pada penghujungnya, mereka semua menonton filem seram tersebut kecuali saya. ini adalah kerana saya sudah menonton filem tersebut sebanyak 2 KALI. saya memasak di dapur untuk boom. saya masak seorang diri sahaja. jadi, saya sangat berani. :)

maaf di atas segala kesilapan tatabahasa. ngee.

p/s: kalau abang kachak xde, smeowg x nk tengok cerita seram. abg kachak hero kami!! *rawr*
i mean kakak kachak.

Monday, May 4, 2009

: )

Mrsm Muar Tatap Pujaanku. ",

the video above features my best-est, best-est fwens..hahaha..

and yg ni plak ktowg wat keje glew..lompat kat kolam.
yup. keje ktowg ble joging waktu petang.

tunggu saya balik ea! :)

p/s: hur tiada dlm video kerana sejak dari dulu smpi sekarang, hur is always a camera girl. never a model. xpe2. i'm the girl behind every gorgeous pics. :P

Sunday, May 3, 2009

let's visit the gynae.

a few months ago, (i don't actually remember when, hur sgt nyanyok), went to see a gynae.

ah, before you guys get it all wrong, i went there to accompany my friend. she had this situation which i don't think i have to describe it here in details. let's just put it like this. she had this minor "girls" problem. full stop.

i've been babbling to her since forever to make her sees a gynae. which she usually have this excuse that she already went to a clinic in malaysia.

well, here a good advice. when it comes to something that is not a fever, not a flu, something that is, i assume it is a LITTLE BIT serious. i insist, GO AND SEE A SPECIALIST. a clinic doctor, usually, i said, USUALLY, knows little.

call me a paranoid. i am. after all, prevention is better than cure. it's ok to pay more before things get out of hands.

alhamdulillah, she finally listened to me. so, we went to a private hospital here and seek for a gynae's advice.

to make long story short, this doc asked my friend to do a few tests.
ultrasound. and a hormone test.

ah yes. my favourite part. you see, i had actually never saw an ultrasound machine before. and yes, i'm kind of curious about the whole thing. so, there i was, like somekind of a freaky mother, trying so hard to see how the ultrasound machine works.

oh and yes. i suddenly felt like i was her mother because she said so. haihh. you're missing your mother too much i guess, dear fwen.

it's obvious. no baby ok. : P

i felt like i was in a practical class. it's not an easy job. in my friend's case, she had to do it three times. she didn't took a lot of fluid that day. her urinary bladder cannot be seen. so, we have to run to a nearby kedai runcit to buy a big bottle of mineral.

so, in the end, i did have fun visiting the gynae. i did asked some questions to the gynae himself. it's pretty obvious that somehow, i am much interested in this matter than my friend. i couldn't help it.

and as for my friend, her problem seems to solve now. you can now go and marry someone without any complication at all. kidding. *wink*

to those girls out there, make health as your number one priority. eat well. live well. pray well. any complication at all, do not hesitate to see a doctor. your actions today, might change your future, forever.

Friday, May 1, 2009

i love you.

got an email from mama. and i have to admit. it was a very touching one. :(

Suatu hari seorang bayi siap untuk dilahirkan ke dunia...

Dia bertanya kepada Tuhan : 'Para malaikat disini mengatakan bahawa besok Engkau akan mengirimkan saya ke dunia, tetapi bagaimana cara saya hidup di sana; saya begitu kecil dan lemah?'

Dan Tuhan menjawab: 'Aku telah memilih satu malaikat untukmu. Ia akan menjaga dan mengasihimu '

Bayi bertanya lagi: 'Tetapi di sini; di dalam syurga ini, apa yang saya lakukan hanyalah bernyanyi, bermain dan tertawa...Inikan sudah cukup bagi saya untuk berbahagia.'

'Malaikatmu akan bernyanyi dan tersenyum untukmu setiap hari. Dan kamu akan merasakan kehangatan cintanya dan menjadi lebih berbahagia'

'Dan bagaimana bisa saya mengerti disaat orang-orang berbicara kepada saya jika saya tidak mengerti bahasa mereka?'

'Malaikatmu akan berbicara kepadamu dengan bahasa yang paling indah yang pernah kamu dengar; dan dengan penuh kesabaran dan perhatian. Dia akan mengajar kepadamu cara berbicara.'

'Dan apa yang akan saya lakukan saat saya ingin berbicara kepadaMu ?'

'Malaikatmu akan mengajarkan bagaimana cara kamu berdoa'

'Saya mendengar bahawa di Bumi banyak orang jahat. Siapa yang akan melindungi saya ?

'Malaikatmu akan melindungimu; walaupun hal tersebut mungkin akan mengancam jiwanya'

'Tapi, saya pasti akan merasa sedih kerana tidak melihatMu lagi'

'Malaikatmu akan menceritakan kepadamu tentang Aku, dan akan mengajarkan bagaimana agar kamu bisa kembali kepadaKu; walaupun sesungguhnya Aku akan sentiasa disisimu'

Disaat itu, Syurga begitu tenang dan heningnya sehingga suara dari Bumi dapat terdengar, dan sang bayi bertanya perlahan

'Tuhan, jika saya harus pergi sekarang, bisakah Kamu memberitahuku nama malaikat tersebut?'

'Kamu akan memanggil malaikatmu itu: 'IBU '

Ingatlah sentiasa kasih sayang dan pengorbanan ibu. Berbakti, berdoa dan cintailah dia sepanjang masa... Dialah sesatunya harta yang tiada galang gantinya dunia akhirat...

Dan untuk para ibu, ingatlah kisah ini dikala kamu hilang sabar dengan karenah anak-anak yang sedang membesar...sesunggu h nya Syurga itu dibawah telapak kakimu...

Sucikanlah 4 hal dengan 4 perkara :

1) Wajahmu dengan linangan air mata keinsafan,

2) Lidahmu basah dengan berzikir kepada Penciptamu,

3) Hatimu takut dan gementar kepada kehebatan Rabbmu, dan dosa-dosa yang silam

4) Di sulami dengan taubat kepada Dzat yang Memiliki mu.'

thanks mama. and it's not just a phrase. oh, and yes, have i told you lately that i love you? :)

p/s: despite of our perbezaan warna kulit,, she's my truly biological mother. ok. harap
maklum :p