Tuesday, August 31, 2010

penantian hijau - edisi merdeka

dari tadi bobo mengomel sendirian. sudah lama dia menanti. tetapi tidak kunjung tiba juga.
jam menunjukkan 3.30 petang.

sudah setengah jam berlalu.

"hissshh. apa niiii. asal tak tukar2 lagi ni. buang masa betul la"

entah berapa kali butang-butang itu dipicit. yang kiri. yang kanan. yang atas. yang bawah.

hujan makin lebat. guruh berdentum-dentum.

"kalau macam ni, sampai bila pun takde la ni"

masih lagi kuning. kadang2 ia bertukar menjadi merah buat seketika. tetapi selalunya, ia tetap kuning. hanya bentuknya sahaja berubah-ubah. sekejap bulat. sekejap empat segi. hijau yang dinanti, seperti tidak akan muncul langsung.

"tido lagi bagus kalau camni. lagi-lagi hujan. sejuk je. tension betul la."

ditatapnya jam di dinding sekali lagi. sudah 3.50 petang. bobo hampir putus asa. ya. mungkin dia patut tidur sahaja. mungkin sakit hatinya akan berlalu pergi.

"asal muka anak mama muram je ni? dok tunggu apa kat sini?", tiba-tiba ibu bobo bersuara.

"benda alah ni la. konon piring canggih. tapi tak boleh diharap. time2 hari merdeka jugak la dia nak buat hal".

"sabar la sikit. bila hujan berhenti, ada la tu. lagipun bulan puasa macam ni, tak elok merungut macam tu".

"tengok. dah nak pukul 4 dah. 1 jam tau bobo tunggu. tinggal 1 jam je lagi,. dahlah. bobo nak naek. tulis blog lagi bagus".

bobo campak alat kawalan berbutang-butang itu di atas kerusi. ibunya hanya mampu menggelengkan kepala. belum sempat bobo sampai ke ruang atas, tiba-tiba terdengar suara.

"haaaa, dah ada pun. tapi malas dah la nak tengok. takde mood. merajuk."

mungkin inilah kuning yang dimaksudkan bobo. ketika ini bentuknya segi empat tepat. kadang2 boleh juga jadi bulat.

p/s: mungkin sempena hari kemerdekaan kali ke 53 ni, astro patut meng-upgrade-kan service nya.
atau mungkin,

rakyat malaysia seperti bobo harus sentiasa bersyukur instead of merungut.

selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan yang ke 53. semoga negara kita terus diberkati oleh allah. malah, moga bertambah lagi keberkatan-Nya pada negara tanah air kita. :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

freee sex education. anyone?

it is the very 1st ramadhan of the year, and alhamdulillah, everything is doing fine up till now.
however, i heard a news that is quite heart breaking at the end of the day.
abah told me that the baby of an ustadz which is a very close friend to our family had died this evening due to a heart congenital anomaly. Al-fatihah.

it was very heart breaking, not only because an innocent baby had not has a chance to live in this world, but the reality itself is a lot more bitter.

thinking that this baby and his parents are fighting with all their might for his survival, i recall the babies where their parents just neglect them, or worse, killing their own babies.

the parents who apparently, brought them into this cruel world *what nowadays seem to be*, decided to take their babies lives. now, i do know, that even some animals, protect and care for their little ones. so, what are these parents? certainly not human.

due to their own stupid mistakes, the actions that they take, the aftermath then, will always lies on the babies that they had made. if they don't want the babies, why even bother producing them at the first place.

owh, and we heard statements like, "i love my boyfriend. the sex that we'd made is a proof of my love to him".
and when the baby comes into this world, your TRUE UNDYING love, are being tested. and tell me, how many couples actually pass the test? close to none. the truth is, people are not very fond of the word responsibilities and commitments. what's more if you are so young.

and then we heard that everyone started to be aware of this big problem that is increasing day by day. people started to give attention and giving ideas to abolish this absurd scenarios.

pregnant school, sex education. bla bla. now, they want us to teach sex to our children? i read the newspaper saying things like, "when they are about 5 or 6 years old, parents should tell their kids, not to touch the opposite sex's private parts".

imagine telling your kids not to go and have random sex, at that kind of age. the children, who initially, knows nothing about sex, starts to wonder. and you might even caught them googling in the net for the definition of sex. owh, and they might find pictures so that they can understand more clearly. AT THE AGE OF 5 OR 6. oh my, what is this world had turn out to be. i mean, are you kidding me? seriusly? and then what? distributing free condoms at schools?

those who get pregnant are the ones who are ignorant. not knowing how to practice safe sex or how to not to get pregnant when having sex. imagine those in the urban areas, who i believe, are more educated. they know the consequences of pregnancy, and they know how to avoid it. now, that is a lot more dangerous. it is not impossible that the youngsters are practicing sex all these times, and the parents know nothing for there is no sign of pregnancy or whatsoever. oh my.

the world had certainly change. just a matter of a year, new roads and buildings were made. 10 years had made a lot of difference. not only the development of the infrastructure, but also the mentality and the society of the nation.

back when i was a little girl, my parents had never spoke the word "sex" in front of me. i do admit, i heard it from my friends since primary school. but i'd never paid attention anyway. i 1st read about it, from a form 3 text book, when i was just about 10. and that's when i truly understand the reproductive system, and how babies are made. of course, the television, will give lots of exposure on this matter. but those days, even kissing scene were censored in the national tv channel. nowadays, we have astro, and DVDs, owh, and yeah, the internet of course. a world without boundaries. did i mention, the video games, are just seriously outrageous?

and whatever happens to the religious class? come on. haven't people heard things such as "hukum orang berzina" or things like "dosa-dosa besar" which includes "bunuh" in the list? are they not scared? people just getting a lot braver these days, or should i say uncivilised, or stupid. we are acting worse than like back to the time of jahilliyah. ya allah, what is happening?

i have to say, sex education is not our main issue. RELIGIOUS EDUCATION IS WHAT IS. let's start from the basic. we heard it so many times. prevention is better than cure. let's apply it, shall we.

while young people like me, should not be ignorant. for you might say, "my days are over. i am so glad, i am not the youngsters that have to deal with these kind of situations." well guess what. stop being selfish. because, everyone is going to have kids, and grand kids, and great grand kids.
i don't want my children to face all these. i am sure you don't want it too.

it is ramadhan everyone. let's pray that our human race is blessed by Allah. let's reflect to our own weakness, and start improving it. let's just refer to the basic guide of life, Al-Quran and As-Sunnah, for what we all know, that is the only truth that is left in this world.

wallahu alam.