Sunday, November 21, 2010

A talk with the self

[ Written by: Kamal el-Mekki]

special thanks for rommanah azmi. and good luck in your 29th exam papers. :)

Oh my self what will calm you?
Can’t you remain patient for a day or two?
I try to contain you but your strength overpowers,
But when we die life will seem like hours.
So can’t you be patient for part of a day?
And remain steadfast upon the straight way?
The direction you’re taking leads to my worst fears,
Of the day we stand for fifty thousand years.
No one will joke nor talk nor smile,
And the sun from our heads will be at a mile.
Nowhere to hide and nowhere to flee,
Standing for what seems an eternity.
Then the judgment begins and the books will land,
Either on your right or your left hand.

Oh my self …
Do not become like those who left the right track,
And put their left hands behind their back.
Oh self, how do you plan to cross the sirat suspended in the air?
Craftier than a fox, sharper than a sword and thinner than a hair?
How do you plan to cross?
Or will you cross at all?
The blink of an eye?
Run? Or would you rather crawl?

The bad deeds you command will drop you from it,
And only good deeds put you back upon it
.Oh self, it’s a five hundred year-drop suspension,
Over a terrible place I’d rather not mention.

Oh self…
Do not be fooled by this world and its illusions,
And keep in mind judgment, the grave and other conclusions.
Oh self, wake up!
Don’t follow your desire!
And ask for forgiveness to avoid the fire!

Oh self, keep the commands and avoid prohibitions,
And pay close attention to these admonitions.
Be amongst those who were the best of planners,
Who prepared for the future with good deeds and good manners.
Oh self it simply about your control
Being patient now so as to reach your goal.

I don’t mean to put a burden, or put much stress,
Just to warn of a day when the limbs confess.
Sins add up as you live through the years,
Then sadness won’t save you and nor will the tears.
Every time you sin the Shaytan is winning
So remember the One against Whom you’re sinning.

Oh my self…
Life is short and ends when you least expect it,
And then what will you say when you’re resurrected?
The angel of death overlooked you and took the souls of your brothers,
And one day he’ll come to you and overlook others
.For great rewards plant the righteous seeds,
Oh Allah,
I seek refuge from the evil of my self
and from the evil of my deeds.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

separated, and yet, united.

But time and space cannot change
What is meant to be.
Our union is something special,
That must be brought to
Soon the pieces of time will fall
The puzzle of space.
And we will be together
For always.

This space and time which divides us. It's hard to bare.
each and one of us in a different continent, with different missions.
oh, i'm so missing you.
all my sleepless dreams at night of you, i try to hold on to it, while i still can.
i hope you are fine always,and when it is time,
we'll be all united once again.
and i'll be waiting for that day to come.
i miss you,
and yeah, i am so loving you.
and i know, you love me too.