Friday, January 30, 2009


so here it is..watever this taggy thingy purpose is..
my so-called 10 facts/hobbies.

I'm so sleepy right now ; it's already 1.42 am

I can't live wthout my oral b. (and i brush my teeth too)

Lately, my night is my day, and my day is my night. wateva dat means.

My dream car; a striking red mini cooper. heaven.

The man of my life is my dad..(kind of my bst fwen too,haihh, missing..)

Chocolates are not fattening. And it's a fact.

yup, i'm emotional. but i nvr really potray my exact feeling to anyone. (ego dowh)

I can't wait for July/August..(baby,,i come running home to u)

I alwys wanted to be a rockstar,, having my own band,,,i'm the lead singer, with loud bass n guitar, and bright lights and having this world tour,,and so and so, the list went on and on,,and yah,,keep on dreaming,,

The person who is tagging me is my ex high skool mate when i was in form 3..umairah, and she is damn pandai la,,haha..

p/s: nighty nite. :p thnks umai.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

3 big boxes from mlysia. and enough alrdy.

ok, 1st n foremost, the boxes r not mine. but hell wat, its' diba's. n diba's means mine. haha.kidding diba.
yup, diba's mom send 3 boxes frm mlysia, filled with food+ stuffs.
n, apparently, dspite of diba's fatness, (no offense diba), we got to help her to pick those boxes+ lift it all the way home.
dis's iez's parcel. she got dis ystrday also. seems like evryone got their own box frm mlysia falling from heaven. i've got mine too.abah send it to me last mnth, in prson.huhu.but it's empty alrdy.haha.

but of course, we don't mind, since diba blnje us,, mmg crius knyang mkn dat chinese rice thingy (i dunno wat's it called, the only word in my dictionary is eat.) crius knyang. bless u diba for dat.

nway, dat's why we haf to go to carefour, i mean downtown actually to the dhl. dat's when i realise, it had been a long time since i lepak with my galfwens. though areqa was not wif us, due to crtain circumtnces, and yet, i'm grateful.
in+out. diowg pny glaran since shptra lg. evil, out=dibab

plus, we did a lil' bit shoppin. ( i swear mama, it was just a lil' bit). my muney is lyke sket nk mati, but guess i cnnot rsist the tmptation. naughty hur.but dun worry, i'll cut down on othr things, like food esp. dis month i spend lyke 150 usd just on food. usually it's about 100 usd jew. cannot blame me, it's winter. n yes, i'm so bajet bab duit2 ny, since i really want to fulfill my wishlists when i come bck home, where i belong. so i need to spend less, n save more.

but my main point for today's post is, all i want to say is enough already. dis, got to stop.

as we went bck home, by taxi, this taxi drver, borak2 with us. n yes. most of the tyme, all of us buat2 phm. but we did undrstnd some of his words. so, diba was sitting bside him, since the rest of us brebot-rbot nk dok blakng. criusly, i had enough having talks with the taxi drvers. i dun really mind. i've gain a lot from them. but i was too tired to even open my mouth. so, there i was, listening to their cnversation. btween diba, anis n in,,and the taxi drver.

It started as he saw diba was wearing a ring on her finger, so he asked about marriage in mlysia. see. this is wat i'm talking about. marriage. marriage. and marriage. ever snce i landed here, this is wat all these ppl talk about. i dunno if it's just me. whether it is btween the sniors, or boys, girls, n even the taxi driver talks about it. wat is it with all these ppl?

btw, diba told him dat wedding n marriage in mlysia is just the same like how they do it here. then he asked whether we are alrdy married or not.

Our answers..."yup, we're married already"


"Aiwa, kullu".

"Arusa fi malizi??"




"Yes, Evryone". meaning each n one of us are alrdy married

"Your groom/husband in malaysia"


well, tchnically, one of us, said no for the last question.haha.

we haf no choice. we haf to keep prtnding we're married. i mean dat's the easiest way out. haha.
but again, my point here is,,stop talking bout this. why get too serious? for crying out loud, we're just in 1st year, n we're not even having our 1st final exam. we're young. there's a long way to go. future planning is good, but haihh,,, dunnola..this is like thnking way ahead. even my mom doesn't talk bout dis. ok. at tyme, she did, but not in a serious way. she knows i don't like dat she keeps on teasing me on thngs dat i dun want to talk about.

again, enough alrdy.

let's have this cnvrsation when we're old enough. and for now,
let's haf a blast njoying our sweet youthful days.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


i've had it..
after what had hppened to my phrma marks,,
i really had it..
wth was i thinking..
this is so not like spm..
though i rlly undrstnd wat the lctrers had taught me,
sumhow undrstnd is just not enough.
i was so stupid for not blieving to them telling me medicine is all about working hard.
i'm not that rajin,
owh wait,
i'm not even rajin.
in fact,
i'm glew malas la..
like malas nk mampos.
criusly, wth are u thnking hur..
if i used to not read books during exam (mse spm dlu),
ok, i did read some mse nk spm,
but not during the mdterm or quiz.?
like who the hell yg bce bku ble nk quiz..
those geeks and nerds do.
but i guess, i haf to b one of them,
if i want a btter rslt la.
i mean, it's time for me to face the facts that i'm a medic studnt.
i'm not in architecture,
or photography,
or hairstyling
or graphic dsigning
or modelling
like heloo those ppl haf to work hard jgak..
but medic is all about working xtra hard,
and consistent,
and work hard,
and work hard,
and work hard,
and the list went on and on.

so, sayonara to all my dwlded movies,
I'll save it for the holiday,
but a lil bit won't hurt rite.
discpline hur.
guess i have to get used of staying up late at night,
though i'll have panda eyes,
and pmples popping out,
not to mntion gaining some weight,,
as i said b4, i'm not in a modelling course,
so to hell all of those crappy things.

btw, having this new haircut sure gives me a new spirit..i mean like lets keep it short. all my mlysia's hair is gone. gone forever. so, stop looking at the past, keep moving forward. btw, i really2 feel free, i'd forgotten wat it was like to have a light head.haha. guess, changes are goooood. thnks a lott ili. xoxoxo.

Friday, January 9, 2009

pride and prejudice

just now, after biochem practical, i went to the market with kimah + sara. yup. same routine for every two weeks. this time we have to buy some vegetables. yup. some.

anyway, we came back by tram and i was standing there next to this girl. She was reading her note book. Well, i'm always kind of curious about i have just a peak on her book..and there i saw this one word,, just one word.."darcy", and i know what it is all about. She was reading on her own review about "pride and prejudice". Guess an exam is coming, and she revises just about anywhere,,

i just can't help it so i asked her. So, there we were, in the tram, having this conversation about jane austen. How she admires her, and yes i am 100% totally agree with her. jane austen is like the greatest writer ever. Come to think about it, i read her novel since i was in lower form. Pride and prejudice is my favourite. read it several times already. a few phrases i memorise by heart.

kind of strange though, there i was talking about jane austen and her novel, with this egyptian girl, in a filthy tram, which i actually never talked about it before with my friends back in malaysia. and yet, there we are, always think we are very broad minded and so educated, when all we ever talked about is about other people, and hawt actors which are also people.haha. and i never ever talked to my friends, well at least some of my friends, about how i really appreciate literatures and poems and shakespeare and arts and jazz. how i really care about those palestinians and world issues and politics and the pollution. because i guess people are not interested in those things. like i don't think my voice will be heard. i'm just an emotional girl, who loves to sleep when there is nothing else to do,, or snuggling in front of my laptop to watch movies, and all the time having earphones in my ears. i cannot make a difference in this world. my existence is nothing. and so i thought.

i cannot go out there, telling everyone to start to care, when me myself here, could not even read a book, not the whole book, just a few pages when exam is coming. and i can't tell my opinions to other people and provoke them to make a change, when me myself could not even cook perfectly for myself. and so again, i thought.

but if i cannot get everyone to care, am i just going to stare, and see the whole world falling down right in front of me... and yet again, there is pride and prejudice. there is pride when i don't want to share my so-little knowledge with other people,,, and there is prejudice when the others think i'm miss-know-it-all,, when i'm actually not so perfect after all.

yes, i'm very down to earth. act like i know nothing. observing people when they are doing mistakes. and don't have the guts to tell them that they,,at some point are wrong. if i can't even make a change to those who i'm closed with, those who i love, how could i ever think of changing the world. dream on hur, dream on.

in the end, i guess, if we want to change the world, which is a must, concerning to the situation of the world right now,, we have to change ourselves first. if each and one of us turn into a better person, the whole world will turn out better. come to think of it, it is not that hard to change the world after all. it's all about teamwork and get everyone does their small part in this. and yes. my existence is vital after all. and so i think.

p/s: pride and prejudice makes me think of mr darcy. i wonder if he ever existed. well, at least
in this era of time.haihh.too good to be true huh.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009