Sunday, May 12, 2013


I always enjoy talking in the car throughout any journey . When all my sisters were asleep at the back of our small humble car back then, I prefer to read. Or talk. In a way, it's a strategy to avoid my father from getting sleepy. So, I tried to keep him awake. 
Sometimes, when my eyes are strained from reading too much, or when I'm too tired from talking, asking random questions and singing, I too, surrendered in my slumber.

When I was about 10 or 11 or so, as we were in the car on our way back to KL from Kota Bharu,
my mom blurted out something after I'd just finished telling them some stories. I have no recall on what exactly it was, something about me explaining to them about my Kemahiran Hidup's homework, but what I do remember is mom saying that,
"Hur, I believe you'll make a good doctor one day",

12 years after, here am I, still not a doctor, but in a process of being one, insya Allah.

It's amazing how a mother knows their children like the back of her hand. Mothers read their children like a book. Feels your pain without you telling them. They are the happiest when you are happy. They believe you when no one does. Willing to sacrifice just about anything, and yet feel like they lose nothing if it's for you.


We've heard great stories of  mothers in the past.

Take Hajar, the wife of prophet Ibrahim A.S for example. How she solely survived the heat of the dry land Makkah with her infant son. For seven times repetitively, running back and forth from Safa to Marwa in search for a drop of water for her beloved son, prophet Ismail A.S. How she genuinely understand that her husband does not leave her alone with their son at that time for no reason.

She asked him: "Did Allah command you to do so?" 
He replied: "Yes." 
Then his great wife said: "We are not going to be lost, since Allah, Who has commanded you, is with us."

Trust me, if you ever experience the heat of Sahara, for Hajar to go through all  this without complaining, sounds too good to be true. And yet, this is the truth.

Mothers nowadays, may not have to go through like what Hajar did. This does not mean that they did not sacrifice anything. 

How many mothers you know who stop chasing their youthful dreams just because the condition of their children demand them to forget their dreams and concentrate in taking care of her children.
How many mothers who work their butt off day and night just to provide their children the best comfort of life and still come back home from all the stress in her workplace to clean her house, and cook meals for everyone and at the end of the day, she is the last one who went to bed.
How many mothers who are really hurt with her children doings but prefer not to say anything for she accepts what they are and believe that one day her own children will change.
How many mothers who stay late at night to perform solat tahajjud, solat hajat, reads yassin and pray hard every single night without fail in hope that Allah protects her children wherever they are. 

And yet, we are lost in this dunya in search of one true love. Claiming that no one really loves us. That no one understands us. It is heart breaking to hear such statement. Your mother's precious genuine love is for you, and only you, since birth. But no. Not all of us realize this fact.

I'm not a feminist, but if one may ask what is the best thing of being a woman, it is having the chance of being a mother. And if you are a man, what's the best thing of being a man, it is having the chance to help your wife being a mother.

In fact, we are just so ever lucky to own a mother. Alhamdulillah.

You may ask any mother in this whole wide world, and they will enlighten you with their own unique stories of motherhood. How motherhood turn them into a real woman. Thus, becoming a significant person in this world. For all wonderful great people should thank their mothers for contributing in their success in so many ways.

Their love, their patience, their virtue, their wisdom, their hardship is worth to be appreciated every single day.

Today, or tomorrow, or later as you step inside your house, go and search your mother. Hug them like you never hug them before. Kiss them softly. Once on her forehead. Once on her right cheek. Another one on her left cheek. Look straight into her crystal clear eyes. Ask her to forgive you for all your wrong-doings. Let  her know  that you forgive her too if she did ever wronged you which is very unlikely. Make her believe strongly, that deep inside your heart, you love her so much. Not as much as she loves you. But still, you love her too. Never forget to pray for her every time after you perform your salah.

Repeat this as much as possible, every time you get the chance of doing so.

While you still can.

Happy mother's day.
and happy father's day too. 

Always remember, without your father, your mother wouldn't be a mother :) 

Of course without Allah's help, none of these seems possible. 


  1. Masyaallah...lovely writing, tboughts n words...inspiring the will make a good doctor, Insya Allah n a terrifly GREAT writer n I Hve no doubt that you will be a WONDERFUL wife n mother..Love u lots

  2. Thank you mama. Mama & abah doakan hur selalu ye :)