Saturday, November 9, 2013

Free Yourself From Your Memories.

I felt like it's been ages ever since my last post.
Not sure whether there's nothing interesting going on in  my life or I'm just not interested in writing anymore.
Very much the latter.

Ahhh, and so, final year. I don't like to call it as a final year of my med's school cause I pretty much planning on getting to medical school some more. Perhaps, a postgraduate maybe?

I decided for my final year OF MY UNDERGRADUATE, I would like to do less contemplations & more actions!

I pretty much failed in the very beginning.

Sleeping at asMARA *asrama MARA* few days ago, I kept being in my ex-room. Letting the memories rushing at once. That's just wrong.
It's not even that fun when I was in First Year. Half of the year I was struggling getting over my homesickness. And the other half of the year I was busy doing nothing, which ends up with me getting back to Malaysia, with my dad in the hospital.

Ahhh, but it's bittersweet. I was in my teens, and so innocent, and naive. Back in the days, when I genuinely think everyone and everything is nice in the world, this world is filled with rainbows and butterflies,,,,, and unicorns?

Paulo Coelho quoted in one of his book -“It takes a huge effort to free yourself from memory”

I mean, how can I actually free myself from these memories.

*overly-psycho groupmates*

*overly-dramatic housemates*


Each time after we had some fun moment together, someone mentioned, "We're going to miss these moments when we're outta here".

Wrong. Because I miss you guys already. Aaawww.

Ok. I'm getting over this. For awhile. :p

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