Monday, January 19, 2015

Life. So Far.

Woahh. So long already. I miss you so, bloggy *gedik mode*

Let's see.

A Trip to Europe                                                                        -------->     Checked

Making a complete idiot out of myself during the trip                    -------->     Checked

get myself into trouble                                                               -------->     Checked

Last drama with the Egyptians                                                  -------->     Checked

Graduation                                                                               -------->     Checked

Stranded for the last time                                                          -------->     Checked

Registering everywhere                                                            -------->     Checked

Receiving all the cargos                                                           --------->     Checked

Staying home with no stress                                                     -------->     Checked

Making sure I'm  not getting fat                                                 -------->     Checked

Yeap. That's pretty much what I've accomplished so far within these few months.

Oh. and Happy 2015.

Still January, right?

Let's see whether my brownies in Malaysia tastes just as good as when I made it in Egypt.

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