Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Broken Plate

Once there was a girl who had a beautiful plate.
The plate was made from porcelain with pretty pink roses carved around it's border.
It was no china plate, but it's sure no ordinary plate.
A merchant came, wanted to borrow her exquisite plate
She was reluctant but hey,
To have a plate is to share the great,
To the merchant, she gave her plate.
Trusting wholeheartedly on fate.

At first, the merchant kept the plate safe
His hand was slippery one day,
And 'Prang!' ,  the pieces of plate lay,
On the ground, it shattered sadly.
And of the merchant went to run away.

There she was gathering up the pieces
As warm tears smeared her face
But a broken plate has no usage
Now, the plate is nothing but a garbage

Then came along a boy.
He said "Hello!", and wonder what she's doing
And so she told the story
of how her precious plate got ruined

The boy then told her
"you dont have to throw it out",
This plate can become something better
Let me help you to figure it out

And so the boy showed her
Of every pieces of broken plate that he had encountered
From plates that have the design of the moon & the stars
To plates with trees & oceans on it
To expensive pieces of plates from Paris & London

They gathered every pieces of pretty broken plates
And glue up nicely each one together
Voila! A pretty mosaic plate was made

How happy she was
That she has a new plate
Prettier than ever
Stronger than before

So she asked the boy,
"You taught me to create the prettiest plate ever,
Show me your plate
It must be out of the world"

How peculiar it was for the girl
When the boy told her
"I'm sorry, but i don't have any plate
I never had a plate"

The girl then looked deep into his brown eyes
And saw inside, the emptiness and darkness of a black hole
She then carved a soft smile as she whispered to him
"Would you like to share this plate together with me?",

Happy Birthday :)

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